Coaching Services

The purpose of personal coaching is to help you move from where you are to where you believe you should be in your life. Coaching is different from counseling or therapy. It is less concerned with healing past issues and more concerned with helping you solve problems, achieve results, and live out your purpose in the present and future. Coaching can help you get unstuck, build your confidence, expand your vision, unlock your potential, increase your skills, navigate transitions, and help you take practical steps towards goals and dreams.

Coaching sessions generally last between 45 and 60 minutes. During the session, Mike will help you identify your current situation, clarify the goals you desire to reach, encourage necessary changes, promote needed disciplines, and establish an accountability structure that will get you to where you desire to be. He will also provide fresh perspective, encouragement, support, and prayer (if desired). Mike desires to serve you by providing an excellent coaching experience that will lead you to fulfilling your greatest capabilities in your life.

The Hope Company is happy to offer the following coaching services:

Life coaching provides an environment to get you from where you are to where you want to be, including navigating life changes, finding balance in life, discovering your life purpose, getting unstuck in an area of your life, or clarifying personal values. Additionally, life coaching can help with specific issues such as time management, stress management, marriage, family, parenting, relationships, finances, health, professional development, career growth and advancement, divorce, continuing education, personal discipline, and serving and volunteering.

Leadership coaching is for anybody who is in a position where they oversee or manage others. Leadership coaching can help you take your business, church, or ministry to the next level by helping you clarifying your organizational mission and vision, reaching growth goals, improving staff output, navigating conflict, improving your employee’s experience, becoming a better boss, or personal growth and development.

During formative years (ages 13 to 23), a great mentoring relationship can be one of the most valuable investments in a person’s life. Our young adult coaching experience exists for this reason and can help individuals improve general life and social skills, navigate parental divorce, learn basic finance, improve time management skills, prepare for college, find and get a job, use technology in a healthy way, and (if applicable) grow in their Christian faith.

Booking Coaching Sessions

The Hope Company is happy to offer individual sessions, 3-session packages, and 6-session packages for coaching. Sessions are typically scheduled weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly, depending on the results you are seeking. Frequency of meetings will be discussed during the consultation session.

In order to establish an accountability structure necessary for achieving results, it is highly encouraged that clients commit to more than a single coaching session. However, we recognize that establishing a new relationship with a personal coach can be intimidating. This is why we offer an initial consultation session completely free with no commitments. If after the first session you feel that coaching is a good fit for you, follow up sessions will be discussed and scheduled.

Sessions ideally are held in person and meetings can be arranged at HopeCo’s office, your place of employment, or a public place (such as a local coffee shop). Coaching can also be done remotely over the phone or Skype if necessary or desired.

Unfortunately, coaching is not covered by insurance and is therefore fee-for-service. We accept cash, check, and credit cards for payment. If you believe coaching would make a positive impact in your life but are concerned you can’t afford it, please contact us to discuss your options. We desire to help you succeed and don’t want you to be deterred by cost.